It's (Not) The End

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

After a year and a half of writing about my formation journey with the Daughters of Charity, I'll be ending this blog.

Well, sort of.
Actually, I'll be suspending it - "ending" just sounded more dramatic and hopefully urged you to keep reading on to figure out why.

I won't be posting at all during my time in Seminary, which will be the next 18-24 months. I realize that will be a long time to wait until my next blog entry, but I hope you all will keep me on your reading lists despite the long period of inactivity.

So why am I not posting during Seminary? Seminary is a time for prayer and reflection, for study and for quiet. (In that way, it's similar to novitiates in other communities). Many Sisters have referred to it as "the most cloistered you'll ever be as a Daughter of Charity". This doesn't mean we can't leave the house or that we're not allowed to do anything ever, but rather that the focus is different in Seminary.

The blog started out as a way for me to express myself. When it started, I still hadn't been accepted as a pre-postulant with the Daughters yet. As time went by, blog writing slowly became a second ministry for me. The Daughters of Charity have been incredibly supportive of it, including our leadership. I've met several discerners and other Sisters from other communities who read my blog, which inspired me to write more.

Yet Seminary is a time to leave ministries and focus on yourself, on the community and on God.
Not writing in the blog will allow me to immerse myself in the quiet and to focus on my studies and prayer to form myself as a Daughter of Charity. It will allow me to spend more time in personal private writing (ie: my journal), which I have sadly been neglecting lately.

That doesn't mean I'll never be on the computer. I will still be available via email and Facebook, though my time will be much more limited than it is now. Please feel free to keep in touch, though my response may be delayed.

Please pray for me and my companion Whitney as we become Daughters of Charity on January 20th. We, in the United States, are blessed that, behind Whitney and I, are five young women in formation to become Daughters of Charity. Please pray for them as well.

In love of Jesus Crucified,
Soon-to-be Sister Amanda, DC
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