O God, Send Us Fools: A Prayer for Vocations

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just yesterday I re-discovered this prayer as I searched for vocation-related material to put in the church bulletin. I believe it speaks to religious vocations - I find it especially great for the Daughters of Charity who dedicate themselves to the poor. A prayer we Catholics need to pray, that more young people may hear the call to religious life or priesthood. But also for, in general, disciples of Jesus, a prayer that can be used by any Christian, irregardless of denomination.

O God, send us fools,
who offer themselves wholly,
who let go,
who love without words,
who give themselves truly and to the end.

We need fools, 
the unreasonable,
the passionate,
who can leap into insecurity,
into the ever yawning gulf of poverty.

We need fools for now,
enchanted by the simple life,
loving peace,
cleansed of compromise,
firm against betrayal,
heedless of their own lives,
ready to undertake anything,
or go anywhere:
at the same time obedient,
spontaneous and decided,
gentle and strong.

O God, send us fools. 
- Father Louis Joseph Lebret

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