Vincentian Quote of the Week: Mother Suzanne Guillemin & Chastity

Monday, June 27, 2011

 To be chaste is not being deprived of any affection, of any attachment of heart; on the contrary, it is the completeness, the greatest riches one could possess; it is a presence, the sovereign presence of Christ Who has been chosen and preferred, Who has invaded all the powers of our soul. To be chaste is to love God, but to love Him even in His mystical body, even in His extension of Himself in the neighbor close to us. (Mother Suzanne Guillemin)
Chastity is not something well-understood in today's world. Mother Suzanne Guillemin, the Superior of the Daughters of Charity during Vatican II, explains it in this quote. Chastity does not mean not having affection, but rather a different type of affection: a call to love Christ in our neighbor.

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