St. Jeanne d'Arc

Monday, May 30, 2011

Today is the feast day of my confirmation saint, St. Joan of Arc, patron saint of France. I choose her as a confirmation saint when I was only 15. And really, back then, I had little knowledge of the saints. What really inspired me to pick her was the made-for-TV movie about her that aired around the time.
Now, at 25, it's interesting that perhaps my favorite saints come from France....St. Vincent de Paul, St. Louise, St. Therese, etc...even though, besides a French 101 course in college, I have no connection whatsoever with France!

St. Joan's military successes aren't what amaze me about her. In fact, her military experience is what appeals the least to me about her. What amazes me about her is her courage in a world dominated by men and her willingness to follow the will of God, despite ridicule and the danger of death either by battle or by the Church itself.

Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us! Who is your confirmation saint? What inspires you about him/her?

Saint Therese dressed as one of her favorite saints, Joan of Arc

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